Call for Papers

Inspired by the 200th anniversary of Peterloo, our conference theme—‘Romanticism Now and Then’—invites reconsideration not only of the historical events of 1819 and their implications, but also, more broadly, of the relations among politics, aesthetics, and time in any aspect of Romantic art, literature, and culture. The conference theme is intended to accommodate a wide range of papers across such disciplines as art history, cultural history, literary studies, musicology, anthropology, and philosophy. ICR prizes interdisciplinarity and comparatist approaches, and we welcome work in non-English literatures. Put simply, we are interested in making space for the most rigorously imaginative and significant work being done now that bears on our understanding of the politics, aesthetics, and/or temporalities of Romanticism.

Abstracts due January 15th.

We welcome the following:

1. Traditional 20-minute paper proposals submitted individually, maximum 300-word abstracts. Please include name, affiliation, and email address on the attached document.

2. Complete panels of either three 20-minute or four 15-minute papers. 250-word abstracts for each paper (along with a list of panelists, their affiliations, and email addresses) should be accompanied by a (maximum 300-word) description of the aims of the panel/special session. Please submit the complete panel as one document.

3. Alternative formats. Send us your proposal for an hour and a half session, providing a brief explanation of and rationale for the alternative format.

——>>>>Submit proposals to by 15 January 2019.