The conference programme will be posted here in late spring 2019. Apart from the pre-conference and post-conference events, we expect the main conference programme to begin at 9am on 31 July and to end at 5pm on 2 August (with a closing party that evening). We will post a schedule of individual panels as soon as most delegates have registered for the conference; we hope to avoid conflicts between papers and participation in the optional seminars.

ICR Preliminary Timetable


The Hotspur Press building on Cambridge Street was built in 1801 as a waterside textile mill and cotton warehouse called Medlock Mill. A hundred years later, it was bought by the Percy brothers and turned into a printing press; it functioned as such continuously up until 1996. Since then, the building has been inhabited by squatters, who have occasionally been evicted by police, but it was recently acquired by developers, who have yet to decide its fate.